DipJar: Revolutionizing Profit for Part-Time Workers

DipJar is just what the article describes it to be: a tip jar for the credit card era.

The Problem:¬†“The employees were working just as hard and making less money, the store was losing out on incentives for good service, and customers like me who liked the convenience of paying with plastic had no way to tip.”

The Solution: A tip jar for credit cards


This Design not only contributes to profit, but it encourages employees to provide good service. Everyone has a credit card and everyone (usually) has a dollar to spare for exceptional service. DipJar also creates another option for customers to thank the employees for exceptional service.


Before I read this article, my fellow employees and I attempted to encourage tips, and this was our solution:


The rules were simple. At the end of the day, the Pokemon with the most money in the jar would evolve. So we engaged the customers and compelled them to give us tips. Needless to say, it worked.