Are You a Comic Sans Criminal?

Are you a Comic Sans Criminal?

Comic Sans is a font we all recognize.

We have seen it on 6 year old birthday party invitationsfirst day of Kindergarden welcome letters, and Comic Book thought/ speaking bubbles.

But it doesn’t end there.

Comic Sans has been found on caution signs, warning labels, and other notices of importance. When Comic Sans is used for a in conjunction with a serious matter, the comic nature of the font causes people to subconsciously disregard the notice or warning, and consider the information to be unimportant.

I remember learning about the misuses of Comic Sans in my senior year of high school. Mrs. Weisman, our advertising teacher, pointed out several bad examples of the use of fonts, and Comic Sans was at the top of the list. Although these examples were comical, I came to realize that most people overlook the reason as to why they are “bad font” examples:

Fonts have a voice, and the wrong font will spread the wrong message.

Long story short, she threatened to lower the grade of anyone who violated the Comic Sans rules.

Here are some of the Comic Sans violations that she showed us in class that day:

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 1.40.29 PM

Comic Sans is not the only font that imposes this problem. Other fonts, such as Papyrus, also create the same effect. In order to avoid this problem, carefully consider and research a font before you use it. This applies for eery situation, whether it be a warning label, poster, letter, research paper, or public notice.

So to recap:

Fonts have a voice

Don’t be a Comic Sans Criminal

Think before you chose a font


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