FA 102A: FA 102A Miscellaneous Notes


Denotation v.s. Connotation

Connotation draws an emotional response; the emotional suggestions related to that word/character/brand. Denotation refers to the literal meaning or response; the dictionary definition.

Quantitative v.s. Qualitative



Concerned with process rather than end product

How people perceive the meaning (interpret)

Is descriptive and inductive


Objective – to predict and casually explain

Involves experimentation and data

Inductive v.s. Deductive

Deductive: starts out general, and then gets specific

Inductive: Starts specific and ends up general

Creed – something to live by, i.e. Boy Scout or Girl Scout creed, Scout’s honor.

Design starts with a lot (detailed), and is refined by taking things away. Details are rarely changed or added, but happen only when necessary.

Gesamtkunstwerk – German for “unified art experience”

Various files used:

.ai – Adobe Illustrator document

.psd – Photoshop document

.doc/.docx – Word document

.mov – movie file

.wav – audio file

.aiff – audio file

.mp3 – audio file

.mp4 – audio file

.jpeg – low quality photo file

.png – photo file used on the internet

.tiff – photo file closest to .psd

.pdf – image file of text and word documents

.key – keynote file



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