FA 102A: Notes on Assignment Two

Goals: understand the development of a brand character.

A brand (according to Seth Godin): A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to, choose one product or service over another”.

Personify the brand as a person. What would the “person” be like?

Describe the brand’s:

Character/ Persona – What would the personified person be like. (Remember Anne’s presentation about her internship where she personified he health drink as a girl names “Kaitlyn”,

Tone – words that suggest the underlying manner of the brand

Language – what words would be used to market the brand

Purpose – words that relate to what the product or service does

Design of the brand character diagram:

– Four even quadrants with the name in the middle

– Clear, clean design with readable text (make sure the text is readable from a distance too)

– The diagram should be visible on the slides, and match the rest of the presentation. (Use neutral colors for a background).

Naming process:

Combine and tweak one or more of the words in your diagram to get a name for your product or service.



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