Good Blog Design and Blog Writing

You should always be questioning the world around you.

Question what you know

Question what you hear

Question what you read

Question what you see

Question what other’s say

Question what you are taught

When you hear something or see something, ask “so what?” in regards to the perceived information.

When you write a blog post, the “so what?” question is really important. What is what you’re posting about so important? Does it make a meaningful difference?

Good blog posts are personal. They reveal something about yourself. You could recall a childhood story, post a picture of yourself, or show your personal work. Put in the effort to make a personal connection.

Draw conclusions from your post. Your posts should have a point, or an opinion. Make sure that your point or opinion is clearly stated and not hidden in the contents of your post. Also, points and opinions are weak without support. When you make a claim in a blog, support it with other links and images and connect your claim to the support.

Clarification is paramount. You know what you’re talking about, because you just did a little research on your topic. But would a random reader understand everything in your post? Clarify terms and words that would not be used in an every day life context.

Remember to tie credit to the source of your ideas. Recognizing the author or organization who inspired your post is absolutely necessary.

Posts should not be long, and they should be clearly organized. No one expects to read an essay or a book on a blog. This is where it is important to be clear and precise in what you say. Get to the point with as few words as possible. Using lists is a goof way to do this.

Here are some examples of successful blogs:

A good blog design needs look professional. But what does that entail?

– a clean simple theme

– a theme that does not contain a built in photo

– frequent updates

– a unified design

Remember the word Gesamtkunstwerk? Your blog should reflect this principal. The word is German for “unified art experience”.

One final note: your blog should be something that you are prude of. Treat it as if you were going to show it to a future employer during an interview.


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