Hatch: A Blast From the Past

I found the article “Hatch: A Virtual Pet That Lives on Your Smartphone” the first time that I took Intro to New Media Design in January. I enjoyed it so much, that I had to post it again this semester.

The app is a blast from a past for those of you who enjoyed the Tamagotchi. It was designed by the makers of Clear.


“Hatch” allows a virtual pet to live on your smartphone, and is often referred to as “the app that loves you back”

Designer Ryu states that when designing this app, “We wanted that same visceral reaction you get when you see a really cute helpless puppy or kitten … the kind where you can’t help but stoop down and start cooing, awwing, your voice pitching up.”

Judging by the video, I’d say the designers achieved that goal.

Needless to say, I will definitely be downloading Hatch when it becomes available next year.

You can adopt a “special colored” pet for free before the app is actually released.


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