Where is Design?

After reading the article “Uncanny Portraits Visualize the Power of Genetics”, I was reminded of another article “Would You Recognize Yourself with a Completely Symmetrical Face?”.

Both articles depict “photo studies” where half of a person’s face is compared to another half of a face. In the first article mentioned, Urlic Collette compared a daughter’s to her fathers and a brother’s face to his sister’s, to show the presence of genetics is clear.

In the second article, Julian Wolkenstein compared two halves of the same face, and showed the differences in a person’s face.

These photo’s revealed to me that humans have a unique design.

Design isn’t  just the colors and lines we put on paper.

It’s our father’s smile.

The beauty mark we have on one side of our face but not the other.

The DNA that makes us different.


Above: Urlic Collette’s study



Above: Julian Wolkenstein’s study


Here is a picture of me and all my siblings. Can you see the design?Image


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