Anecdotal Observations

In the time that these videos were made, no member of corporate set foot in the restaurant. Yet, the store received numerous email’s from corporate that complained about store operations.

When the store owners come in (and they came in once for 10 minutes to deliver paychecks), everyone changes their work ethic. The hourly associates attempt to look like they care about their work. The store owners on the other hand take time to walk around the store and complain of it’s condition, without giving suggestions as to how to correct or reverse the damages.

Minimum wage recently went up. The owners still have not changed employee pay, and refused to discuss the matter with the full time manager. They tend to complain about the amount of money that is spent on the store and always buy the cheapest product possible.

Hourly associates who have worked in the restruant since before the store changed management are contemplating quitting and searching for other jobs. Less than half the old employees still remain, and only three are planning on staying after this year. The store can not afford to lose these employees because they do know more about the way the store operates than the owners. This fact has even been admitted by the owners themselves.

After watching Undercover Boss, I really feel that the store would benefit from something similar. Here are some links that relate to some of the issues that are seen in the restaurant I work at:


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