App Review: Facebook

Facebook is one of the most commonly used communication applications in today’s society.

The Facebook newsfeed allows you to check on you friends, and view photos, statuses and articles that they post on their personal pages. From the newsfeed, you can “like”, comment or share something they post.

Facebook also has a friend request section, where individuals can choose to connect with you by making you their Facebook friend. This section also suggests people that you may know, os that you an choose to befriend them on Facebook.

The Facebook application also provides a private messaging system, where you can have a private conversation with one or more of your Facebook friends. This conversation will not be made available for Facebook friends that are non-members of the group conversation.

When someone chooses to interact with you on Facebook, you are notified.

Facebook also has a “master page” that provides links to events, groups, pages, places, and other kinds of connections that you participate in through Facebook. It even provides a setting and help section so that you can better understand how to use the app.

Events and Groups allow people to come together and share information for a common purpose.

Every Facebook user even has their own personal page, where they can post statuses, photos, articles, data, ect. for the purpose of sharing information with others. Facebook friends can even post information to other’s personal page so that can directly share information to an individual, but have it be open for others to interact with.

Each personal page displays the individual’s Facebook friends and interests, as well as photos they are tagged in by others and have posted themselves.

The Facebook status component allows you to rage people, places, emotions, photos and other media.

This application is good for staying in touch, obtaining information, organizing large groups and events, and communicating. The design is a bit excessive and very detailed, so the app can be difficult to navigate. The private messaging and Facebook post commentary are the most useful aspects of the application. Private messaging allows you to contact people you may not know that well, or have the phone number or email address of. The Facebook post commentaries permit open discussion and allow for the introduction of new ideas, as well as the sharing of information.


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