App Review: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional communication network that connects individuals for the purpose of business and job searching.

The application permits each user to have their own profile that displays their resume. On the resume, the user’s LinkedIn connections can “endorse” a particular skill that is displayed on the resume. This means that the endorser is aware that the endorsee is proficient in the skills mentioned.

The application connects individuals based on job, location and company interests.

One of the primary functions of LinkedIn is to help the user find jobs that they would be interested in or have the skills for. The application searches for these positions in companies and recommends the jobs to the user. From there, the user can pursue the suggested job. The user can also follow companies that they are interested in for job and general news updates.

The newsfeed for this application permits comments and sharing of statuses, articles, photos, data, links, ect. that are shared by users and companies.

LinkedIn also has a private messaging component for communication between individuals and future employers.

In addition to private messages, LinkedIn users can post public information on their own page, whether it be links, articles or even job postings.

LinkedIn is a good professional business communication application that promotes the sales and communication between individuals and companies. The “like, comment, share” format of posts allows information to spread quickly, while the private conversation component permits private business and job transactions. Additionally, the endorsement aspect of LinkedIn profiles helps employers truly understand the talents and skills of individuals that they would consider hiring. The design is organized and easy to navigate, which contributes to the ability for the application to effectively meet it’s function.


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