App Review: Lose It!

Lose It is a weight loss application that helps regulate the user’s diet while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

On the user’s personal page, it gives a recommended number of calories, with options to log food and exercise for the day.

Through the log, the app calculates how much food the user should consume and the amount of exercise that the user does in order to help the user get an idea of whether or not their dietary habits will help them lose weight.

The log allows you to search for food and exercise to add to your daily profile. It even lets you scan barcodes of food for information. The recipe option allows you to create your own food item and portions. For exercise, you records the type of exercise, the intensity and the amount of time spent exercising. The calories burned are subtracted from the calories consumed, and the numbers are reflected in the user’s profile.

There is even a “motivate” forum that allows users to communicate with other users so that they can encourage each other to reach their weight loss goals. These goals and progress are recorded on a graph that can be shared in the motivate forum.

From personal experience, this application has worked. It gives a realistic view of a healthy lifestyle and encourages the user to make progress. The data sharing component of the application does boost confidence and encourage the user to continue to work toward their individual goal.


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