App Review: The Period Diary

This application was designed to track all aspects of a woman’s menstrual cycle, as well as providing forums to discuss any health problems related to menstruation.

The home page depicts a flower with several petals that lead to the other screens of the application. They are labeled accordingly. The middle of the flower lets the user know how many more days they have left until their next period. The cloud above the flower lets you know what is specifically happening with the user’s menstrual cycle.

The period log allows the user to record the start and end dates of their periods. From this information, the application them predicts future periods, informs the user when they have been fertile and when they will be fertile in the future, and past and future ovulation dates.

The calander component visually displays period, fertile and ovulation dates. Additionally, it allows the user to record intimacy dates and notes about their cycle.

The notes screen is a further display of the notes section of the calander. This page allows the user to see all the details they recorded about their cycle on a particular day.

The settings screen allows the user to change details about the application itself or details of the function that the application provides. This includes the user’s cycle, the appearance, privacy settings, and other personal characteristics. It even provides tips on how to use the application.

The forum screen allows women to discuss their menstrual cycles with each other and specialists. This communication component provides quick feedback from professionals or people who have experienced similar problems which is reassuring to the application users.

The homepage of this application is well designed and extremely organized. It allows the user to interact with the application, while meeting the it’s function. The menstrual calendar is clearly articulated and not over detailed and conveniently allows the user to add in their own details. Additionally, it saves past information so that it can be called upon again for important appointments, such as doctor’s visits. The period log is convent for predicting future information, and from personal experience, it’s very accurate. The forums are easily accessible and questions are answered quickly and accurately. Since the information is provided in such a manner, this communication component clams the user and gives them a direction for any concerns they may have. The forum functions like a social media community, so all members are willing to look at questions and help out.

This application is one of the best applications that I utilize because it is well designed, organized, and meets and surpasses it’s function. It makes my life easier and eliminates concerns and uncertainty.


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