App Review: Twitter

Twitter is another leading communication application that is often used by businesses and companies.

The application allows the user to create an individual profile and “tweet” information, photos, links, articles, ect. The profile is completely customizable, and permits multiple users.

The application allows the user to follow and be followed by other users.

Tweets can be composed of multiple forms of communication based media and are viewed on the newsfeed. Other application users can “favorite” and “retweet” tweets in order to spread information. When a tweet is retweeted, it also appears on the personal profile of the retweeter and in the newsfeed’s of the retweeter’s followers.

Twitter also allows for private messaging, which permits exclusive conversation.

Twitter is best utilized when a small piece of information needs to be communicated quickly and to a large audience. The application is well organized, accessible and easy to use, but it does not permit the sharing of highly detailed information. Even with the private messaging component, Twitter is an open network where most information can be accessed without difficulty. This prevents the application from being a closed network intended for a single group.


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