FA 102D: Class Notes From Week One

New Media is the interaction with screen based media.

Design has creativity and serves a function.

Ethnography – the study of groups (2+ people)

Ethnographic research is “need finding” research

Gluttony – the sing of having too much of something (not just food!!)

Anecdotal Observation:

– Non-quantifiable

– qualitative

– Stories that have been observed

– not subjective

– Adductive thinking – the best available information based on anecdotes

Overt – obvious or exaggerated.

– can have a negative or positive connotation

Insito – “on the site”

Raison d’être – French word that means “reason for existing”

Google gained tons of money through ethnographic research. They observed people searching on the internet and realized that they could use their search engine as advertising space.



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