Conceptualizing Ideas for a Future Application

Based on the previous research, there is clear need for better communication between lower level franchises and corporate. Based on this information, I have drafted these ideas for an application:

A collaborative workspace that connects all levels of the company in order to communicate problems and sales complications that occur at the business to consumer branch of the company. This app would include a forum for discussion and a space for data sharing.

A collaborative workspace that permits the lower levels of franchise to communicate with each other by sharing data, concerns ideas, ect, in order to identify ways to increase corporate sales and store success. The interactions would be viewable by corporate for their own benefit.

A collaborative workspace and social media application that permits franchise stores to share data (such as scheduling information, inventories, ect.) between each other for the purpose of comparing notes on store operations. Any patterns would be reported to corporate, so that they can utilize the information to improve sales at the business to consumer level.


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