Text Excerpts from Video Interviews


“She (corporate member) has to understand that the customers are sometimes wrong”.


“I was making it (the smoothie) right by the recipe, but everyone said it tasted awful. So I put 10,000 squirts of everything in it, and it just made it a lot better”.


“[This job] pays for my Starbucks. That’s about it”.

“[This job] doesn’t make nearly as much as I need”.

“They (corporate) need to be in the store, not just watching the cameras or listening to the people that own the store. They need to be in the store”.

“She’s (corporate member) in the store for about all of two seconds during events, and that’s about it”.


“Some of the quality of the food is really bad. Worse than you would think”.

“There was a time when I worked 40 hours a week, and I never saw her (corporate member)”.

“I don’t like some of the management. I don’t like the way they do things. I just don’t agree with everything”.

“The owners, in my opinion, are cheap. They are not focused on the business. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to focus on the whole business”.

“This store has declined so much, especially since them (the owners), and there’s no improvement whatsoever”.

“You can go to your boss for some things, but some things ned to be said to corporate that we can’t say to corporate”.

“I feel like sometimes bypassing them, (the owners) and going to corporate would be the right thing to do”.


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