Tighter Application Description

This app is designed to meet the specific business communication needs of a lower level franchise hourly associate. The app functions using the agile method, where feedback is sent from the lower level branches of the company to the upper levels.

The application has a home screen that functions like a news page and presents data about the individual’s store sales, schedule, announcements and employees. The home screen functions at the individual store level and keeps employees updated about store happenings.

The app also has a private messaging component which allows employees to search for members of the company for the purpose of sharing private messages, images, videos and other media. This capability functions like iMessage and permits communication between two or more individuals.

There is also a forum component to the app, which allows all lower level franchise stores to communicate with each other in a blog format. The original post can include text, photos, images and other media, for the purpose of sharing data and promoting trans-franchise communication. Users will be able to  comment or share the original post with another user’s screen, so that information and questions can be analyzed and answered, and significant issues can be shared with corporate.

The capabilities of this app enable the facilitation of the otherwise time consuming means of communication in order to improve sales, store operations, and relieve the stress of lower level franchise workers.


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