User Scenario

Tom is the shift supervisor in a lower level fast food franchise. Tom opens the store one day in the middle of December and realizes that the store has run out of whole grain tortillas for the wraps.

Immediately, Tom opens the private messaging component of Interwerk and messages the store manager, Brittney, to let her know that she needs to order more whole grain tortillas for the store. Then, he posts a message in the Interwerk forum, which asks all other local stores if they have whole grain tortillas that his store could borrow for the day. Within five minutes, Dana, the store owner of a local franchise, comments on Tom’s post in the Interwerk forum, and tells him that she will drop off a box of whole grain tortilla’s in 20 minutes. Dana and Tom then record the new change in inventory on their store’s Interwerk home page, so that Tom’s store knows that they owe one box of whole grain tortillas to Dana’s store.

Meanwhile, Brittney attempts to order more whole grain tortillas for the store, but realizes that corporate deleted the option on the inventory website that allowed her to order whole grain tortillas. Since the New Year is upon them, she knows that most customers will have a New Years resolution to be healthier. She immediately checks her Interwerk homepage, and accesses sales data to view current and past sales of whole grain tortillas for her store and other stores. As she suspected, sales of whole grain products in all stores peaked in late December and lasted through early March.

Brittney sends a message in Interwerk private messaging component to the area developer, Laura, which informed her of the past sales data. Laura gets the message immediately and uses the Interwerk forum to share her smartphone screen with Brittney, to verify Brittney’s findings. Sure enough, Brittney was right. Laura knew that if the stores did not have whole grain tortillas until March, the company would lose money. She then changes the inventory website, so that all stores could now order whole grain tortillas.


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