Nudge Design: Revising Old Ideals

Nudge Design: Revising Old Ideals

In this article, Nudge or “Persuasive Design” is highlighted as a modern concept that contradicts previous economic concepts. Here are some of  the following contradicted ideas:

1. We can not assume that consumers are rational. There is thinking that occurs below the level of awareness: “Reason,… is highly dependent on emotional value judgements and therefore highly susceptible to bias”. These biases allow consumers to make less than rational decisions.

2. Even if design gives consumers all the information and facts, and creates the most attractive and normative communication material, we can still be prevented from changing consumer behavior. Design must change the attitudes and emotions towards brands while engaging consumer’s rational sensibilities.

3. Providing only one option, or limiting options, forces consumer behavior in a desired direction, but fails to create a positive emotional reaction or bias toward a particular brand or product. Consumers desire the individual freedom to make different choices.

In order to successfully implement Nudge Design, designers must ignore what they know, participate openly, and quietly manipulate behavior.


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