Questions Provoked by Nudge Design Articles

Questions from “Design’s Next Frontier: Nudging Consumers Into Making Better Life Choices”:

1. How can we factor in individual “irrational” emotional bias when presenting ideas for nudge design?

2. How do “Brand Stories” affect the decisions of consumers and appeal to our emotional bias?

3. Are there any circumstances in which participating openly proves to be the more effective design option when compared to quietly manipulating behavior?

Questions from “Nudge Here, Nudge There, Can Bring Behavior Change”:

1. Why does the illusion of “consumer freedom” yield more of a successful result than forceful facts?

2. Which companies are best known for their implementation of behavior economics?

3. How does nudge design prevail over the challenges of every day life when making a decision?

Questions from “Designing to Change Behavior”:

1. How do nudge designers appeal to instant gratification?

2. Is nudge design more effective in the short term or in the long term?

3. What ethical complications conflict with nudge design?


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